Louder, Longer, Lobster

"Ryan Sutter, the creative force behind Trumpet Marine, uses “Louder, Longer, Lobster” as a chance to showcase his versatile musical ability and broad range of styles. No one song on the album clearly defines Trumpet Marine, but they’re all catchy and well-orchestrated, from the tiny beginning banjo piece, “Stretchita Beckons,” to the last track, “Patterns Imprinted on Stars,” a sweet theological lullaby. Sutter’s lyrics and vocal stylings are reminiscent of Harry Chapin, and you sense that The Beatles lie deep in Sutter’s roots. “Errands” is a jangly alt-country number that makes it hard not to slap your knee. “Controls” begins as a stripped-down love song and turns into a multi-layered power ballad, complete with strings. “Slackjawed” repeats the chant, “Slackjawed and brokenhearted / Make sure someone believes in you,” over and over again before breaking off into drums and a series of strange zips and clicks. “Warm In Side” starts as a synth piece and then picks up the pace and evolves into beautiful, jazzy weirdness. “Louder, Longer, Lobster” is good, clean, toe-tapping fun." - The Wire, Portland NH


Written, engineered, and produced by Ryan Sutter. Performed by Ryan Sutter, Bob Aderhold, George Greene, and Kevin Robertson.