A Man Could Get Tired and Other Songs

Hi. Ryan here to tell you about this album. OK, so here's the thing...

Over the last few years I've recorded on and off and have accumulated a collection of unreleased material. I wanted to get a few of my favorites from this batch of orphaned songs out into the world and maybe at the same time introduce new people to some of my favorites from other albums I've recorded as sort of an introductory demonstration of my music. So, on a whim, I put together this collection. Some things old, some things new. I hope you enjoy these songs.


Everything on this album is written, performed, produced, and engineered by Ryan Sutter except for guest appearances by Bob Aderhold (guitar), Brian Bishop (saxophone), and Kevin Robertson (drums) and the inclusion of a portion of a song written by Wallis Willis ("Swing Low, Sweet Chariot") circa 1862.