Last night I spent some quality time in my music room downstairs and decided to really get it tidy.  This involved moving several boxes of things that still need to be unpacked into closets, but the end result was satisfying and I got to spend some time feeding potato chips and lasagna to the dogs while listening to vinyl with my feet up.  Nice.

The room features a kitchenette area with a sink, microwave, and coffee maker, a dedicated writing desk with a manual typewriter, a massive bookcase covering a 20+ foot wall, and a mixing/listening/recording/computer desk corner consisting of two Macs, a Windows PC, a bunch of screens (including a 23-inch multi-touch), two pairs of near-field reference monitors, MIDI controllers, a RAID backup, Blu-Ray burner, and multiple audio recording interfaces.  Oh and some guitars, amps, drums, art supplies, assorted other musical instruments, a stereo with a turntable and a 400-disc CD changer…  And my wood record bin filled with vinyl.  All my microphones.  And games.  And puzzles.  And electronics soldering and tinkering stuff.  And a banjo.  We’re talking about a Music Room here.  The next room over has all the old video game consoles and stuff.  If there is an advantage to being a tech hoarder, it’s that once you have the space to plug it all in, you can give yourself a lot of options to play with.  I still have a Palm Tungsten down there.  It works and everything.

Last night was the first night it really seemed to be taking on a usable shape.  I’ve been down there, sorting through cables and wall warts and unpacking boxes and testing things and moving things around since we moved in last November.  Everytime I go down there I mean to do something like, oh I don’t know, write a song or practice piano or tune the drums, and I wind up digging through boxes instead.  But now I can use the room for things.  One more annoying moving task closer to completion.

This morning I popped awake at about 5:15 and felt weird, kinda wired and too alert.  Now I’m on the bus and I’m really hot and slightly nauseous.  I think it’s the driving.  We’re doing a lot of stopping and starting and stopping and it’s making me car sick.  Oh good…  Downtown…  Can’t wait to get off this bus and get some fresh 3 degree air…