The Year In Review

Today is the last day of 2014.  As I think back on the year, I am suddenly struck by the fact that in my former life as a Jehovah’s Witness I was convinced that the “last days” had begun in the year 1914, which will now be over a century in the past.   I was also convinced that the generation who was alive in 1914 would still be around to see the end of the days.  Granted, the Watchtower Society changed that particular teaching about 20 years ago, but it still feels good to see 2014 come and go without Armageddon.  A nice little reminder that I was absolutely correct to leave that silly religion a decade ago.  Too bad my family members are still struggling under those false and dangerous beliefs.  One of my on-going regrets in life.

But 2014 was more than a mile marker in my religious history, it was a year for music.  As the year began I was a member of the band Robots From the Future, rocking the synths.  In February I teamed up with my buddy Michael to record an album of ambient soundscapes in honor of the failed city of Nininger MN for the RPM Challenge.  I spent a goodly portion of the year playing gigs with Robots and recording new material and at year’s end I released a 6-song acoustic EP that I mostly recorded in the coal room in my basement.  I call that a nice year in musical productivity.

I didn’t lose the weight I had hoped to lose this year, and there were quite a few things I wanted to get done this year that I didn’t complete, but I’m not too disappointed.  I also didn’t gain weight and I got other things done.  You win some, you lose some.  I finished the kayak construction project and spent some time paddling around on the lakes, took a few hiking trips, did my first volunteer service on the Superior Hiking Trail, and enjoyed the new Doctor, the Formula 1 season, several foster dogs, lots of good reads, and generally decent health.

In September I made a change of employment, leaving Capella University behind and starting a new adventure at Olson (an agency in Minneapolis).  So far I’m loving it.

Next year.  Next year.  What does it hold?  I can guarantee more music and more projects.  I’m psyched.  Let’s do this.