Two interesting things happened today. Thing #1: I started my new job at Capella University as a Senior Technical Architect in the content authoring software department. Thing #2: I saw the movie Prometheus.

I don’t have a whole lot to say about Thing #1 at the moment because very little has happened at this point. I went to Capella, met HR people, filled out paperwork, the usual new employee orientation stuff. A little over three years ago I was doing the same thing at HealthPartners, but at that time I was already pretty familiar with HP, having worked there as a contractor for some time prior. Capella is all new, a blank slate. I am thrilled to find that they have toasters and sinks in their common food areas and it is oddly exhilarating that I, having never previously attended a full-fledged accredited university, am now employed by one and have a shiny new .edu address. The strangeness of it all is about the only thing I can say about it.

Thing #2, Ridley Scott’s odd new prequel to Alien, is another thing entirely. As a film, in terms of visuals and pacing, and horror/shock value, I enjoyed the whole thing. As a story, in terms of logic, and development of a story arc, I can say no such thing. Prometheus felt really familiar throughout the movie. It was like watching a movie I had already seen many times. It was well crafted, but that’s about all I can say of it. I certainly liked it more than Alien 3 or 4.

Looks like I don’t really have all that much to say after all. Hey, at least I did a little writing. Let’s feel good about that and tuck ourselves into bed, eh?